About Soo

I live in the 4th largest city in the nation, Houston, Texas!  After living in another major city in the US for 6 months, I truly believe Houston’s warm and friendly community, urban culture, strong local economy, and solid housing market make it one of the best cities in the US to live, work and play!  To be clear, I am not a foodie nor claim to be.  On the contrary, I am the average consumer, who likes to educate like-minded people on the overall experience of my continual discoveries of restaurants, shops, new real estate developments, social spots, and the neat little places to go for everyday living in the city of Houston.   I love learning about new fun things in the city and I like to share those new, fun and helpful things with everyone I know, sometimes with force.  ;)  I've created this blog for people that like such things as well.  I guess that would make me more of a findster, ok, hope you enjoy!

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