Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flora and Muse (City Centre)

Sorry bad photo, haven't fully mastered the camera yet.  The transitions between the real estate and regular life shots haven't been very seamless.  In the City Centre, there's a lovely European inspired restaurant that's a two in one.  One side a bistro and bar, and connects to the cafe/flower shop.

I know it's werid, an oxymoron, but the style is both modern and vintage.  Enjoying this trendy little dive, pictured sitting chatting is Rebecca and Justy, tearing up the 3 cheese and fruit board.  The bread was extremely oily.  Left grease all over the fingers.  Though I don't like bleu cheese, I do like that the cheese selection was varied, from a form of brie, bleu and guyere.

Our server, Lindsey, I think was her name.  She was great, helpful, knew her cues, awesome server.

At our server's suggestion, I got the tenderloin on flatbread with arugula, substitute bleu cheese for guyere and the first few bites were delicious.  After the second slice, I couldn't really taste it anymore.

For dessert, we ordered the bread pudding with chocolate chips and raspberries.  It wasn't good at all, horrible, we couldn't stand the taste of it...I joke.  I'm still on the fence about bread pudding in general, especially after a heavy meal, but this was actually tasty.

Walk straight, right, right and you're in the cafe flora part of the bistro.  So cute isn't it?  I didn't try anything on this side, but maybe next time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Angela’s Oven in the Heights

Angela's bakery isn't a place you just happen to drive-by.  It's on an interior street in Sunset Heights off of Aurora.  You'll only come across this place either by accident or because someone told you it existed.  In my case, it was a coworker, Ms. In-the-Know-Karen-Keplinger.  I'm not sure what was here before, but it's a really large building for such a small interior.

I'm not kidding, these two shots below are the extent of the interior.  There's a small interior sitting space just opposite to this shot, I think it was for the patrons, but overall it was extremely small.  We even got a little stuck with the previous customer, trying to get out the door.  The selections were meager and they only open from 8-1pm, I'm not sure how they even stay in business.   I know this lady here isn't the owner, but whoever she is, she isn't very friendly.  Jennifer and I couldn't crack a smile out of her.  Nope, she wasn't very excited to see us or serve us.

We order the cheese and fruit danish and chocolate croissant.  Sorry, forgot to take a picture, but they were both just okay, nothing to write home about.  Jennifer said she tried her cheese danish and said it tasted like crap and threw it away.  Ok well, maybe I'll try it again, cinnamon rolls next!

Jus Mac in the Heights

Much anticipated Jus Mac opens second week of October and with much excitement by Heights residents already filling this macaroni & cheese serving restaurant to capacity.  Yes, this restaurant only serves macaroni & cheese dishes with the exception of desserts and a few salads.

The decor is nice, clean, modern, trendy and loud.  It's a fairly small space, so between the tv and people it's pretty noisy.  While we wait for our food, it goes from long line to small line to long line and over.  There's a lot of fanfare, but we order our food and it's not really worth all the hype, in my opinion. 

We got the Rustic (basil, garlic, roasted tomatoes, topped with parm) and the Popeye (spinach, onions, mushrooms, parm), which was suggested.  We both liked the Rustic over the Popeye, but even then the Rustic wasn't exactly the best macaroni & cheese dish I've ever had.  I think if you get over the fact that you're eating a large side dish for your main meal, maybe you'd have a better experience.  I wasn't really that impressed by the food.  I may go again, they say the mac burger, taco-mexi and chili are popular and really good.  Maybe next time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye Cupcakes, Hello Grass!

If you're like me and on a, chill-on-the-cupcakes-need-to-eat-grass-for-a-while phase, then this might help.  I need things to be convenient and so I've been eating salad for my dinners.  I've been buying these really convenient prepackaged containers of spinach and arugula. They have other combinations.  I don't like buying the bulk stuff and washing it, if it becomes inconvenient, I won't do it and it'll just rot in my fridge.  So these are perfect for me.

I just thought this label was an interesting.  They've washed it 3 times.  It's so specific.  It's not that they washed it, they washed it 3 times.  Why I'm so enamored by it, I have no idea, I'm weird.  I love the label overall, it's so simple and clean.  I also get soybeans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans from the salad bar at Whole Foods Market, add some cranraisins (less calories, more fiber, less sugar than cranberries) and use balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil for the dressing, it's perfect.  This package is $3.99, that's so cheap and it's enough for 2 meals. 

Do you find this blog interesing or helpful?  Probably not.  Why do I blog about it, because I have an innate need to share cool things I come across...and this is cool!  Yes it is. is.  Uh huh.  Whatever.  I need more friends.  :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

New in Town

Onion Creek, Cedar Creek, Dry Creek owner Gary Mosely recently opened Canyon Creek Cafe on Westcott. 

Jerry Lasco of Tasting Room is opening another TR in CityCentre.

Americas on W. Gray is now open

Buffalo Grille is moving to the Randalls shopping center near Weslayan and Bissonet

Crave Cupcakes has opened another location off of Kirby

Ryan Pera from the Grove jins Morgan Weber of Revival Meats in the old McCain's Market off Heights Blvd to sell locally raised meats, prepare charcuterie (including fresh cured sausages, pate and confits) and make and sell their own condiments.

Austin-based SNAP Kitchen off of Kirby opened.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fitzgerald’s Facelift

Looks like Fitzgerald's got a facelift from the previous and long time rickety white. Most of you probably don't know about Fitzgerald's. It's old school, musicians and live concert lover's place. I like the new look, looks fresh and inviting.

Former version.