Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flora and Muse (City Centre)

Sorry bad photo, haven't fully mastered the camera yet.  The transitions between the real estate and regular life shots haven't been very seamless.  In the City Centre, there's a lovely European inspired restaurant that's a two in one.  One side a bistro and bar, and connects to the cafe/flower shop.

I know it's werid, an oxymoron, but the style is both modern and vintage.  Enjoying this trendy little dive, pictured sitting chatting is Rebecca and Justy, tearing up the 3 cheese and fruit board.  The bread was extremely oily.  Left grease all over the fingers.  Though I don't like bleu cheese, I do like that the cheese selection was varied, from a form of brie, bleu and guyere.

Our server, Lindsey, I think was her name.  She was great, helpful, knew her cues, awesome server.

At our server's suggestion, I got the tenderloin on flatbread with arugula, substitute bleu cheese for guyere and the first few bites were delicious.  After the second slice, I couldn't really taste it anymore.

For dessert, we ordered the bread pudding with chocolate chips and raspberries.  It wasn't good at all, horrible, we couldn't stand the taste of it...I joke.  I'm still on the fence about bread pudding in general, especially after a heavy meal, but this was actually tasty.

Walk straight, right, right and you're in the cafe flora part of the bistro.  So cute isn't it?  I didn't try anything on this side, but maybe next time.


  1. my mom would always frequently visit flower shops because she loves fresh flowers on our house '**

  2. That would be nice, but flowers aren't cheap!