Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye Cupcakes, Hello Grass!

If you're like me and on a, chill-on-the-cupcakes-need-to-eat-grass-for-a-while phase, then this might help.  I need things to be convenient and so I've been eating salad for my dinners.  I've been buying these really convenient prepackaged containers of spinach and arugula. They have other combinations.  I don't like buying the bulk stuff and washing it, if it becomes inconvenient, I won't do it and it'll just rot in my fridge.  So these are perfect for me.

I just thought this label was an interesting.  They've washed it 3 times.  It's so specific.  It's not that they washed it, they washed it 3 times.  Why I'm so enamored by it, I have no idea, I'm weird.  I love the label overall, it's so simple and clean.  I also get soybeans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans from the salad bar at Whole Foods Market, add some cranraisins (less calories, more fiber, less sugar than cranberries) and use balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil for the dressing, it's perfect.  This package is $3.99, that's so cheap and it's enough for 2 meals. 

Do you find this blog interesing or helpful?  Probably not.  Why do I blog about it, because I have an innate need to share cool things I come across...and this is cool!  Yes it is.  Yes...it is.  Uh huh.  Whatever.  I need more friends.  :)

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