Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dessert Shoppe

Located in the Heights on 19th street.  My office orders all our birthday cakes here.  Everyone from my office thinks the cakes here are sooo good.  My opinion, they just taste like something you can get at Krogers.  The ones I've seen ordered from here are definitely aesthically nice, round, decorated cute, but personally I don't think anything special. 

So me and my coworker, Natalie, went here for some dessert.  I got an eclair and the german chocolate cupcake.  I'll admit I ate all of it, but again, nothing special. 

Natalie got the lemon cake.  That was actually pretty good.

I thought everything was pretty mediocre, including the atmosphere.  I'll still be eating those birthday cakes ordered from here, but definitely won't be heading over to satisfy a craving or to sit down and have coffee with anyone.  I just think if you're going to open something up, why not be special?  If I'm going to be paying for something, it should be better than what I can cook up...and I can't cook!  So my overall opinion of Dessert Shoppe was just ok.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

i <3 bethenny frankel

My new obesession...bethenny frankel.  I didn't know her much outside of one viewing of the real housewives of ny and thought she a beotch or something, I forget what I thought, but it wasn't good.  I saw the title of her new show called "bethenny getting married?" and thought to myself, who is the schmuck who's marrying her?!  So I watched the show...I LOVE HER!!!  She's so awesome!  She's super cool, says what's on her mind, sharp, witty, blunt, but very caring and real.  Not to mention, she looks amazing.  I also love how she's so sensible and really preaches a balanced message.

She's 39 and just found the love of her life, not willing to settle, even when she was surrounded by her friends, married with children.  To all you single ladies, there's hope!  She says she was chronically flutuating in her weight till she had her breakthrough, over 5 years ago.  One of her concepts is the Bank Account.  Basically, you can eat whatever you want, but think of your body as your bank account.  Like shopping, some days you may over do it, some days with alcohol you may overindulge and then the next day, you know to tone it down.  You use the same concept on what you put in your body.  Her book, Naturally Thin.  She's got a great healthy attitude on life and wants everyone to share in this balanced thinking.

She describes herself as a "a health foodie", which I can totally relate to.  I feel like she's my long lost sister.  She created a skinny version margarita...I'm not much of a drinker, but I LOVE MARGARITAS!  She's just so awesome, someone you feel you can totally relate to.  Bethenny is a natural foods chef and her meals are quick meals, perfect for me since I hate cooking, so her 5 minute quick meals are perfect!  I'll be making her chocolate chip cookies and molten chocolate muffins.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Backsplash and Backyard Ideas

I visited this house and thought the backsplash looked really nice.  If you're looking for a backsplash idea, for a traditional look, this is a nice option.

I thought it has a cute backyard as well.

Michael Buble

I went to the Michael Buble concert last friday.  I first discovered Michael Buble while on my hiatus in Las Vegas in 2004.  It was all I listened to for the entire 6 months I was there.  Since then, I've moved on and he's just been growing and growing and I'm just whatever about him.  So friends had concert tickets so I decided to  What an amazing show.  It was one of the best concerts I've been to.  He was so engaging, charming, funny and what a great performer!  I was really amazed.

Opening act, Naturally 7.  Very talented, but wasn't crazy about their songs.

Fantastic concert!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Byrd’s Market (Downtown)

I read about this new market/cafe in downtown called Byrd's Market, so it has been on my to do list for a few months.  I finally have someone to check it out with and turns out, it's literally in downtown.  All downtown professionals, parking wasn't too bad, though you have to pay for off the street parking, $1.50 for an hour. 

It's got an interesting thing going on, half deli, half market.  I'm not sure how I feel just yet, but the place has downstairs and upstairs seating.  I hate places that feel empty and cold and though it doesn't quite feel completely empty and cold, it's has a bit of that feel.

Not too much on the menu that piques my interest, so I get a simple turkey and swiss sandwich.  My lunch mate, Jay, gets the club and we share sweet potato fries. 

My sandwich is not good at all.  In fact, I took out the cheese it tasted like plastic.  Jay says his was ok. 

The sweet potato fries are actually good.  Not a very good experience for myself, Jay commented "this place sucks".  For a rush and go kind of place, I guess this could be an option, though there's Jason's Deli is right down the street.

Ousie’s Table (San Felipe/Weslayan)

On a somewhat private road, behind Westheimer is a restaurant called Ousies's Table.  I've seen it many times and even knew someone that worked there, but never had the chance to go by, though I've always been curious.  Much to my surprise, it's not staunchy inside, but very warm and cozy.

This is one part of the restaurant, there's another part in the back that has more subtle colors and nice lighting.  There's also a very nice patio...vines, warm lights, wicker chairs...very cozy.

They have this board up featuring the day's specials.

They bring out assorted breads as starters, which were all tasty.  Beware not to eat too much, you'll be too full for your food, as I was.  I had the mango avocado salad, which purposely has no dressing, which was ok.  I split the blackened prime rib, which was very good.

I really liked the atmosphere, liked my food, but I went with a large party and we all seemed to have ordered different things and there were mixed reviews about the food, but we all were on the same page on atmosphere, very nice and cozy.  There were some blips in the service, but our server was excellent and made corrections.  I would definitely go back and maybe even return often.  It's a great spot for a nice dinner or a date.

Frosted Betty (Home in Katy/Mobile Inside the Loop)

I was leaving my place in the Heights heading over to Celebrity to pick up a birthday cupcake and I saw one of those mobile vans, parked at Tulips & Tutus, that said "Cupcakes" and other baked goods.

I walk up, there's already a customer waiting for her cupcakes and there's a man in the van, taking orders.  He says they park at different spots on different days, they come out to 19th street twice a week.  I've been thinking someone needs to bring a cupcake place closer to this side of town.

Awesome, so I get red velvet and lemon.  I was planning on only taking a bite of the red velvet since I'm watching my waist line, but I devoured the entire thing.  The cake part wasn't as red, it was more...brown.  He said they put the icing on at the time the cupcakes are, that icing just melted in my mouth!  I did only take a couple bites of the lemon, didn't want to overdo it, but the lemon was actually a very good lemon cupcake.  I haven't had a good lemon cupcake yet.  The only thing complaint I had about the lemon, was the icing literally just melted on the cupcake and wasn't as visually appealing.

Their home is in Katy, but they're also mobile during the week.  You can twitter or facebook to get their in town schedule.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Berripop on Washington!

Finally, something closer than Berripop Richmond or Berripop Uptown for us folks close to downtown.  This new Berripop is in the same strip center as the new Buffalo Wild Wings on Washington.  I should have taken a shot from the outside, the store looks very inviting, love the colors.  Seeing this shop from the street, you feel drawn to it. 

This Berripop has 4 machines, that means 8 differnt yogurt flavors!!  I tried Watermelon, which was new to me.  Yum yum!  But, I eventually got the original with mango and almonds.


Still so new, a few people were trickling in.

Berripop seems to be on every street corner these days.  Next to my beloved Celebrity Cupcakes in the Village off of Univeristy Blvd and Morningside was another Berripop, just opened!  So go get you some, it's good for you too!