Thursday, July 1, 2010

Berripop on Washington!

Finally, something closer than Berripop Richmond or Berripop Uptown for us folks close to downtown.  This new Berripop is in the same strip center as the new Buffalo Wild Wings on Washington.  I should have taken a shot from the outside, the store looks very inviting, love the colors.  Seeing this shop from the street, you feel drawn to it. 

This Berripop has 4 machines, that means 8 differnt yogurt flavors!!  I tried Watermelon, which was new to me.  Yum yum!  But, I eventually got the original with mango and almonds.


Still so new, a few people were trickling in.

Berripop seems to be on every street corner these days.  Next to my beloved Celebrity Cupcakes in the Village off of Univeristy Blvd and Morningside was another Berripop, just opened!  So go get you some, it's good for you too!

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