Friday, July 16, 2010

Byrd’s Market (Downtown)

I read about this new market/cafe in downtown called Byrd's Market, so it has been on my to do list for a few months.  I finally have someone to check it out with and turns out, it's literally in downtown.  All downtown professionals, parking wasn't too bad, though you have to pay for off the street parking, $1.50 for an hour. 

It's got an interesting thing going on, half deli, half market.  I'm not sure how I feel just yet, but the place has downstairs and upstairs seating.  I hate places that feel empty and cold and though it doesn't quite feel completely empty and cold, it's has a bit of that feel.

Not too much on the menu that piques my interest, so I get a simple turkey and swiss sandwich.  My lunch mate, Jay, gets the club and we share sweet potato fries. 

My sandwich is not good at all.  In fact, I took out the cheese it tasted like plastic.  Jay says his was ok. 

The sweet potato fries are actually good.  Not a very good experience for myself, Jay commented "this place sucks".  For a rush and go kind of place, I guess this could be an option, though there's Jason's Deli is right down the street.

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