Thursday, July 29, 2010

i <3 bethenny frankel

My new obesession...bethenny frankel.  I didn't know her much outside of one viewing of the real housewives of ny and thought she a beotch or something, I forget what I thought, but it wasn't good.  I saw the title of her new show called "bethenny getting married?" and thought to myself, who is the schmuck who's marrying her?!  So I watched the show...I LOVE HER!!!  She's so awesome!  She's super cool, says what's on her mind, sharp, witty, blunt, but very caring and real.  Not to mention, she looks amazing.  I also love how she's so sensible and really preaches a balanced message.

She's 39 and just found the love of her life, not willing to settle, even when she was surrounded by her friends, married with children.  To all you single ladies, there's hope!  She says she was chronically flutuating in her weight till she had her breakthrough, over 5 years ago.  One of her concepts is the Bank Account.  Basically, you can eat whatever you want, but think of your body as your bank account.  Like shopping, some days you may over do it, some days with alcohol you may overindulge and then the next day, you know to tone it down.  You use the same concept on what you put in your body.  Her book, Naturally Thin.  She's got a great healthy attitude on life and wants everyone to share in this balanced thinking.

She describes herself as a "a health foodie", which I can totally relate to.  I feel like she's my long lost sister.  She created a skinny version margarita...I'm not much of a drinker, but I LOVE MARGARITAS!  She's just so awesome, someone you feel you can totally relate to.  Bethenny is a natural foods chef and her meals are quick meals, perfect for me since I hate cooking, so her 5 minute quick meals are perfect!  I'll be making her chocolate chip cookies and molten chocolate muffins.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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