Friday, July 16, 2010

Ousie’s Table (San Felipe/Weslayan)

On a somewhat private road, behind Westheimer is a restaurant called Ousies's Table.  I've seen it many times and even knew someone that worked there, but never had the chance to go by, though I've always been curious.  Much to my surprise, it's not staunchy inside, but very warm and cozy.

This is one part of the restaurant, there's another part in the back that has more subtle colors and nice lighting.  There's also a very nice patio...vines, warm lights, wicker chairs...very cozy.

They have this board up featuring the day's specials.

They bring out assorted breads as starters, which were all tasty.  Beware not to eat too much, you'll be too full for your food, as I was.  I had the mango avocado salad, which purposely has no dressing, which was ok.  I split the blackened prime rib, which was very good.

I really liked the atmosphere, liked my food, but I went with a large party and we all seemed to have ordered different things and there were mixed reviews about the food, but we all were on the same page on atmosphere, very nice and cozy.  There were some blips in the service, but our server was excellent and made corrections.  I would definitely go back and maybe even return often.  It's a great spot for a nice dinner or a date.


  1. I've always wanted to try this place...glad you were able to share your thoughts on it :)

  2. It's not cheap, but it's a nice place to try once, at least. :)