Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dessert Shoppe

Located in the Heights on 19th street.  My office orders all our birthday cakes here.  Everyone from my office thinks the cakes here are sooo good.  My opinion, they just taste like something you can get at Krogers.  The ones I've seen ordered from here are definitely aesthically nice, round, decorated cute, but personally I don't think anything special. 

So me and my coworker, Natalie, went here for some dessert.  I got an eclair and the german chocolate cupcake.  I'll admit I ate all of it, but again, nothing special. 

Natalie got the lemon cake.  That was actually pretty good.

I thought everything was pretty mediocre, including the atmosphere.  I'll still be eating those birthday cakes ordered from here, but definitely won't be heading over to satisfy a craving or to sit down and have coffee with anyone.  I just think if you're going to open something up, why not be special?  If I'm going to be paying for something, it should be better than what I can cook up...and I can't cook!  So my overall opinion of Dessert Shoppe was just ok.

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