Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post Oak Grill

Lunched here with a client at his request.  I see why he likes this place so much.  He's very chummy with the owner and executive chef, who sits with us and chats.  He's very nice and friendly.  It was very crowded, every table taken, mostly business types. 

Our server comes over and is very suggestive with dishes, which I very much like.  He suggested I get a soup and brought me something off the menu...Chicken Tuscan soup...which was so very good!  They also brought out a basket of bread and I only had one kind, and it was mighty delicious.  It had the look and texture of a very soft and thin biscuit, but had a vegetable, jalapeno taste to it.  I'm very bad with food descriptions, sorry, that could be totally off from what it was, but it was very very good.  I was really good and only had one!  I'm on this huge salad and soup kick.  I was excited to see and have my salad, but it was just ok.  We were good and skipped dessert.

Overall, my visit was really nice.  I had never been here, the executive chef was extremely nice and comfortable, atmosphere was great, bread and soup delicious!  It's a definite must try.

Just Poppin Gourmet Popcorn!

I first had my first gourmet popcorn in Chicago at Garrett's Popcorn. My sister used to bring this to me from San Jose.  I was super ecstatic to see a gourmet popcorn shop has finally arrived in Houston!  Though they tell me they've been here a year!  I think the location is probably not ideal, downtown in the business section.  They should be located in the mall or something.  Either way, I'm glad they're fairly close to me.  The ladies in the shop are super nice.  I really went out of my way today to run over and get two bags, one caramel and one cheddar.   I could not wait to bring it back to the office to open up, so naturally I ate on my way back and by the time I got back to the office, I had TMJ.  Good thing my ladies at the office helped me.  If it weren't for this bad jaw, I probably would have finished the whole bag!  Good thing for my physical ailments.

Ok, that's it for now...definitely go get you a bag...or two!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Although, I really like Deogi and their customer service, I decided to take my dogs to Dogtopia too, to mix it up, but mostly because they have a webcam!  I have access to it on my iPhone as well, but, you have to pay $1.99 for the Online Doggie app.  It was so much fun watching them play.  They really don't play, they mostly just walk around, but isn't it so cool?! 
It's $32 for the first dog, 10% off for additional dogs.  It's much more expensive than Deogi, which is $25 per dog.  Also, Dogtopia has a much bigger facility and the staff generally seem cool.  It's not as personal here as it is at Deogi, I have to say.  But, this is probably a bigger operation and more dogs.  Dogtopia does have more medium sized dogs mixed in the room, as the really big dogs are in the gymnasium room.  But, I think it's both good and bad.  It's nice because it exposes my dogs to bigger dogs, but it's nice at Deogi too, where they only accept small dogs.  Either way, it works out fine.  See my cute little babies?  It's so much fun watching your dogs on their webcam!

Deogi Doggie Daycare & Spa

I’ve been taking steps to socialize my dogs more. My girl dog, Lola, has become extremely unruly around other dogs. My clients Jan and Frances had mentioned they take their dog to daycare to socialize him. I thought, what a wonderful idea! So, I did some research and came across Deogi.  It's the phonetic spelling of the word D.O.G.  I call them, they confirm I will need records of all vaccinations and also Bordatella and the Influenza shot.  They also require, like all doggie daycare shops, a temperament test, which I think is highly necessary for Lola.  So, I dropped them off this past Monday for their temperament test and first day at daycare. Cody who is the laidback, friendly one was extremely rattled with all these little dogs around him sniffing and barking. He was squeezing his little face into the baby gate trying to get out. It was both so cute and heart breaking. When Lola went in, I was sure she was going to attack, as they all rushed over to her at once and sniffed away. But nope, she did not. They closed the door and I left thinking...this must be how parents feel when they drop their kids off at school for the first time.

When I picked them up, the staff said they were both totally fine and they will be very tired when they get home.  When we left the daycare, they ran to the first sighting of grass and pottied.  It made me realize, they might not take them out, since I didn't see much grass.  When we got home, they ran to the water bowl and both slurped down a ton of water, making me think, they must not give them any water.  Other than those two things, the experience was great.  The young man, Salvadore, who works there is extremely helpful, friendly and spent a lot of time with me to make sure that me and my dogs were comfortable there.  He was excellent!  Can't say the same for the young man at the receptionist desk at Dogtopia.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black Walnut Memorial Park

I really liked the atmosphere here!  After looking at some houses, Jimy and I decide to pop in for lunch.  We order and sit at one of the many sections available.  It's cooler outside, but not really that cool.  Jimy says he doesn't do outside, so we decide to sit in one of the side rooms, nice and cozy.  The entire restaurant is decorated nicely, tons of sunlight, then also interior rooms for a more cozier vibe.  I can imagine what this place would look like when the whether is much nicer...packed.  Although, it was already packed as it was.

I order the Grilled Chicken Pasta Pesto salad, he orders the Fish Tacos and we share a plate of Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup.  Jimy is such a gentleman, he never allows me to pay.  We're discussing real estate and after a good while I'm sure is taking a long time for our food.  I look at my watch, 45 minutes has passed!  I go up to the cashier and they said they lost our ticket and the manager apologizes profusely and hand delivers each of our dishes pronto and comp our meal.  Well, mistakes do happen, but what I liked most was their professional response about it.  I'll definitely go back. 

On the food, I didn't like so much my pasta pesto salad, but the grilled cheese with tomato soup was awesome!  Jimy said his fish tacos were really good.  Great place to people watch, lunch, and probably brunch too.  Go try, it's a nice addition to the Memorial Park neighborhood.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Shepherd opened September 17th, but I go Friday evening after dinner with Jim and we decide to walk over.  It was stupid crowded, but I like stupid crowded.  It's a little on the plain Jane side, but it was definitely a fun least now while they just opened.  Tons of free samples and we love samples, especially when they're really good as they were at TJ's.  They also give you this super nice reusable bag, free!  One tip, please go try the Cookie're life will be forever changed!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sundance Theater

Formerly, Angelika Theater, now Sundance Theater. Wow, what happened to this place. I knew they had changed names, but did not know they did a complete overhaul. You now pay for your tickets inside, can pick your seats at the counter, even reserve them ahead of time. The place has this new rustic, contemporary facelift, very nice inside! You can even buy food food and wine! The seats are very comfy and are grouped on twos and separated by a console table looking arm rest. Wow, I was pretty impressed. I'd probably go here for all my movies, but like Angelika its mostly Indy films. It was a great experience! I love this place!

And...I went back another day and had a difficult time finding on street parking, so we parked in the garage, we get into the theater, pay for our tickets, then cashier asks, "did you park in the garage?"  I said yes and they then hand me a voucher for $7.  Is this not the most awesome theater in the whole wide world?!!

Asia Market

Asia market used to be owned by one of my closest friend's family for over 20 years. They sold it in the last few years and by word of mouth I've been hearing so many good things about it. Even knew it was ranked within the top 5 of 256 restaurants for casual dining. I used to visit the store frequently, though never really ate anything there and haven't been back there for a very long time. So finally, I am here to try the food. We get the flat rice noodles with chicken, green curry and 2 Thai teas and 2 coconut waters and take it to Whole Foods Market and eat outside near the skyline and coincidentally WFM is having outdoor movie night, so there was quite a crowd. We dig in and I am pleasantly surprised. The flat rice noodles are delicious! The green curry is ok. So, I'm happy to report back, the rumors are true! The food is good, like from mama's kitchen, authentic. If you're apprehensive and late like me, don't be, go try that flat rice noodles with chicken, yummheee!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Traveling with Babies

Parents prepared the goody bags for all travelers on the plane. What a great idea for traveling parents of little ones!