Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black Walnut Memorial Park

I really liked the atmosphere here!  After looking at some houses, Jimy and I decide to pop in for lunch.  We order and sit at one of the many sections available.  It's cooler outside, but not really that cool.  Jimy says he doesn't do outside, so we decide to sit in one of the side rooms, nice and cozy.  The entire restaurant is decorated nicely, tons of sunlight, then also interior rooms for a more cozier vibe.  I can imagine what this place would look like when the whether is much nicer...packed.  Although, it was already packed as it was.

I order the Grilled Chicken Pasta Pesto salad, he orders the Fish Tacos and we share a plate of Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup.  Jimy is such a gentleman, he never allows me to pay.  We're discussing real estate and after a good while I'm sure is taking a long time for our food.  I look at my watch, 45 minutes has passed!  I go up to the cashier and they said they lost our ticket and the manager apologizes profusely and hand delivers each of our dishes pronto and comp our meal.  Well, mistakes do happen, but what I liked most was their professional response about it.  I'll definitely go back. 

On the food, I didn't like so much my pasta pesto salad, but the grilled cheese with tomato soup was awesome!  Jimy said his fish tacos were really good.  Great place to people watch, lunch, and probably brunch too.  Go try, it's a nice addition to the Memorial Park neighborhood.

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