Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sundance Theater

Formerly, Angelika Theater, now Sundance Theater. Wow, what happened to this place. I knew they had changed names, but did not know they did a complete overhaul. You now pay for your tickets inside, can pick your seats at the counter, even reserve them ahead of time. The place has this new rustic, contemporary facelift, very nice inside! You can even buy food food and wine! The seats are very comfy and are grouped on twos and separated by a console table looking arm rest. Wow, I was pretty impressed. I'd probably go here for all my movies, but like Angelika its mostly Indy films. It was a great experience! I love this place!

And...I went back another day and had a difficult time finding on street parking, so we parked in the garage, we get into the theater, pay for our tickets, then cashier asks, "did you park in the garage?"  I said yes and they then hand me a voucher for $7.  Is this not the most awesome theater in the whole wide world?!!

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