Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post Oak Grill

Lunched here with a client at his request.  I see why he likes this place so much.  He's very chummy with the owner and executive chef, who sits with us and chats.  He's very nice and friendly.  It was very crowded, every table taken, mostly business types. 

Our server comes over and is very suggestive with dishes, which I very much like.  He suggested I get a soup and brought me something off the menu...Chicken Tuscan soup...which was so very good!  They also brought out a basket of bread and I only had one kind, and it was mighty delicious.  It had the look and texture of a very soft and thin biscuit, but had a vegetable, jalapeno taste to it.  I'm very bad with food descriptions, sorry, that could be totally off from what it was, but it was very very good.  I was really good and only had one!  I'm on this huge salad and soup kick.  I was excited to see and have my salad, but it was just ok.  We were good and skipped dessert.

Overall, my visit was really nice.  I had never been here, the executive chef was extremely nice and comfortable, atmosphere was great, bread and soup delicious!  It's a definite must try.

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