Saturday, September 8, 2012

Asia Market

Asia market used to be owned by one of my closest friend's family for over 20 years. They sold it in the last few years and by word of mouth I've been hearing so many good things about it. Even knew it was ranked within the top 5 of 256 restaurants for casual dining. I used to visit the store frequently, though never really ate anything there and haven't been back there for a very long time. So finally, I am here to try the food. We get the flat rice noodles with chicken, green curry and 2 Thai teas and 2 coconut waters and take it to Whole Foods Market and eat outside near the skyline and coincidentally WFM is having outdoor movie night, so there was quite a crowd. We dig in and I am pleasantly surprised. The flat rice noodles are delicious! The green curry is ok. So, I'm happy to report back, the rumors are true! The food is good, like from mama's kitchen, authentic. If you're apprehensive and late like me, don't be, go try that flat rice noodles with chicken, yummheee!

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