Monday, September 24, 2012

Deogi Doggie Daycare & Spa

I’ve been taking steps to socialize my dogs more. My girl dog, Lola, has become extremely unruly around other dogs. My clients Jan and Frances had mentioned they take their dog to daycare to socialize him. I thought, what a wonderful idea! So, I did some research and came across Deogi.  It's the phonetic spelling of the word D.O.G.  I call them, they confirm I will need records of all vaccinations and also Bordatella and the Influenza shot.  They also require, like all doggie daycare shops, a temperament test, which I think is highly necessary for Lola.  So, I dropped them off this past Monday for their temperament test and first day at daycare. Cody who is the laidback, friendly one was extremely rattled with all these little dogs around him sniffing and barking. He was squeezing his little face into the baby gate trying to get out. It was both so cute and heart breaking. When Lola went in, I was sure she was going to attack, as they all rushed over to her at once and sniffed away. But nope, she did not. They closed the door and I left thinking...this must be how parents feel when they drop their kids off at school for the first time.

When I picked them up, the staff said they were both totally fine and they will be very tired when they get home.  When we left the daycare, they ran to the first sighting of grass and pottied.  It made me realize, they might not take them out, since I didn't see much grass.  When we got home, they ran to the water bowl and both slurped down a ton of water, making me think, they must not give them any water.  Other than those two things, the experience was great.  The young man, Salvadore, who works there is extremely helpful, friendly and spent a lot of time with me to make sure that me and my dogs were comfortable there.  He was excellent!  Can't say the same for the young man at the receptionist desk at Dogtopia.

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