Friday, September 30, 2011

Drunken Bread

At Max's Wine Dive, Glenn orders the Drunken Bread, which is not something I would think to order, just like the Bacon & PBJ Triangles. I'm not exactly sure what's in it either, but it tasted like a crusty cheesy quiche and it was really good! Beware, you don't want to come here if you're on a diet. The food here will definitely clog your arteries and expand that waist line...but dangit, the food is good.

I think we ordered 4 orders of the Bacon PB&J! We also ordered the Mac & Cheese, also very good. Last, we ordered the Fried Chicken, white meat, which I could've done without.

I just purchased a bottle of the Beringer Cab 2005 at Krogers and it was over $40. MWD sells it for $39 and if you purchase more than one bottle, it gets even cheaper. That's good to know!

Ok, don't forget, if you visit MWD, you must try the Bacon PB&J.


Niko Nikos Downtown

Niko Nikos is new in Downtown (called Market Square), across from Treebeard's, near Cabo.'s not what you think. It's just a small food booth in "Market Square", (I guess that's the new name for this area).  So, what this really means is that all seating is outside.  This is very important information for us Houstonians!  That means, this is not an option during the summer, well at least not for sit down meals.  I'm sure it's more pick up or to go orders.  However, they do have misters outside, but it still gets pretty warm.  It's not completely comfortable, in my opinion.  Now with the weather cooling down, it's going to be a great option for downtown professionals.  In the center of the Park, is nice.  Reminds me of the Shake Shack in NYC, but the food better here, but atmosphere better in NYC. 

Also, the menu is really lightened up.  This location doesn't carry the full menu items like at the Montrose location.  However, the guys were nice and allowed me to customize my meal.  I usually get the Hummus and Tabouli combo, add 2 Falafel patties.  For Chris, I ordered him the Chicken Kebobs add Hummus.   Both of these items we customized and they did make for us.  Ok, anyways, go visit during cooler weather, which is now.  I can't wait till Phonecia Deli opens in Downtown.  They've been postponing opening, but recently said September, so it should be very very soon! 

D'Amicos Italian

New in the Heights, but old in Rice Village. My Penne Chicken not bad, fairly light and just the way I like my pasta...but I did wish it had more tomatoes. Jay got the Muffuletta, which I didn't like because of the strong flavors, blue cheese and putanesca, both not my favorite items. Overall, not bad, similar vibe to Rice's location.  I just love it when there's picnic tablecloth present...totally gives it that local vibe. 

Ok, ciao!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Airline Tickets Ridiculously Cheap!

For my 1/2 Marathon in San Francisco in November, where I'll be for 1.5 weeks.  I'll be visiting my sister in San Jose and Napa for the first time.  I'm excited!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mac & Cheese and Cupcakes & Caviar

After a sad first half of happy hour at The Grove, by the way, not a great place to have happy hour for a very small group.  Is their business ok?  Their traffic seems really low.  Their Raspberry Margarita is really good.  So is their Guac & Dip and Hummus and Bread.  I could only do half of the Raspberry Margarita as I was starting to turn tomato red and fanning myself.  The bartender said it's mostly sugar and there was barely any alcohol in it, haha, very funny.

Ok so anyways, we continue happy hour at Max's Wine Dive later.  The Mac & Cheese is so dang good!  It's so simple, but still so cheesy.  Their cheese plates on the other hand, need some work!  Susan and I also ordered the Cupcakes & Caviar.  If you don't already know, Max's WD is known for their odd pairings.  Odd at first, but dangerously good!  Like their PBJ&Bacon Triangles...which is strictly only on the Happy Hour menu...and apparently, begging doesn't work. 

Anyways, back to the Cupcakes & Caviar...I was actually really hesitant to try it.  I've never had Caviar.  I know, I'm so unrefined!  But, after Susan and Stuart downed theirs, I found the courage and took it in like an Amuse Bouche (single bite sized hors d'ouevre).  But, I think it was actually too big to take in all at once.  I wished I had taken it in in two bites.  I think I would've appreciated the Caviar a bit more.  All I tasted was the toughness of the cupcake and the flavor of the cupcake and didn't really notice the Caviar.  So, don't be afraid to try it, you can barely taste the fish eggs.  Our bartender said it was really good, but I think he lied, it was ok.  I did also have the Beringer Cab, excellent.  Our Bartender said he got us a 2005 vintage...said it was an excellent year and if you can get it, always get 2005.

I'm finding myself returning to Max's Wine Dive more these days and loving it the more and more I go.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Blue Fish (Washington Corridor)

I've noticed in the Washington moment it's one thing, the next it's a brand new dive..."one day yo in, and next day yo out".  Thus, is the case for this new sushi shop, Blue Fish, referred to me by my roommate and gal friend, Diana.

Stuart and I arrive and my gosh, it's really true.  I've never seen this before now.  Seriously, this popped up out of nowhere.  Parking is insane.  Your only true option is to valet.  You walk in and it's dark and dance music overhead.  It feels cold, sterile cold.  It's not what I was expecting.  I was hoping for a quaint little dive, but no, it's a trendy sushi restaurant.  We sit at the bar and I ask the bartender for something with salmon, tuna, no fried rolls.  She suggests the "The Blue Fish Roll" (Fresh salmon / tuna / yellowtail / masago / avocado and cucumber, $9.95) and the "Sashimi" (Salmon / tuna / yellowtail / escolar / shrimp / king crab / jalapeƱo / radish sprouts / avocado / wrapped with soy paper and marinated carrot / ponzu and chili, $15.50).  I didn't really like either.  There was just too much tang in the Sashimi and the Blue Fish Roll was just ok.  But, there was no fishiness, it seemed pretty fresh, which is a huge plus.  Nigiri was good.  We ordered the fried ice cream, which was good.  I think Aka Sushi's is better though.

Overall, I thought their prices were pretty high, for what it was.  The atmosphere was not to my liking.  It was too trendy and felt more like a club than a restaurant.  It's fine for an occasional change, but it's definitely not going to be in my regular repertoire of go-to restaurants.  I shall not return anytime soon...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dinner at Jerome & Jenny's

What a feast! You know the food was good when you walk away looking four months pregnant. Thanks JJ!

Field of Greens (Upper Kirby)

I was introduced to Field of Greens by a friend, Joey some time back.  I knew it was something I always wanted to try, but the atmosphere never really drew me in.  My first time, I remembered when they delivered my Macrobiotic plate to me, I noticed a cookie on top of the rice and I thought, that's a strange place to put a cookie.  So, I moved it to a napkin and when Joey returned from the restroom, he says, "you don't like tofu?"  HAHAHA!!  I thought it was a cookie!  We had a good laugh.

Anyways, today Jim wants to try, so we meet there for lunch and he gets the Wild Salmon Burger, I get a half order of the Macrobiotic plate (brown rice, black beans, steamed broccoli, and kale salad, and grilled tofu), add extra tofu with pea lentil soup.  See this plate, this is a half order.  It's best you order half if you're not sharing with someone.  I've never seen a full order, since they always suggest I get half, and I do.  My dish is good and satisfying, if you like this kind of food.  Jim says his was good too.  I didn't try it since I don't like fishy fish and cooked salmon is as fishy as it gets. 

Very good, I love Field of Greens, but I do think they could snazzy up their interior better.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sale Pending - Charming 2/2 Craftsman Style Bunglaow!

Charming 2/2 Craftsman style bungalow, lovingly maintained with many improvements over the years. Interior features include 9' ceiling, over-sized kitchen, french doors leading to the backyard and patio, and updated bathrooms. Exterior features include pre-wired inside/outside for sound, nice sized porch, and custom built porte cochere. Can't beat this location, hurry this won't last long!

Listing Price:  $349,000
Address 1433 Oxford St
City  Houston 
Zip Code: 77008-4545 
Subdivision: Houston Heights 
Property Type: Single Family Homes 
Status:  Active on Market 
Bedrooms: 2 Bedroom(s)
Baths: 2 Full & 0 Half Bath(s) 
Garage: 0 Car 
Stories: 1 Story 
Style: Traditional
Year Built: 1926 / Appraisal District
Building Sqft: 1,246 / Appraisal District 
Lotsize: 6,600 / Appraisal District
Front Door: East 
Maintenance Fee: $0 annually
Mrkt Area: Heights
Key Map® : PAGE 453W
MLS# /  Area: 50137047  /  9-Central North 

Soo Kim
Greenwood King Properties

Monday, September 12, 2011

Max's Wine Dive

Great central location, decent happy hour menu, Bacon PB&J Triangles ($6) so good (we ordered another), $2 off wine by the glass, cheese plate ($15) and a very very sad spread it is. Do you see this one slice of cheddar and the mozzarella balls???  Who puts mozzarella on a cheese plate?!  You'd be surprised how many wine bars have really depressing cheese plates.  Tasting room, Queen Vic, Flora & Muse, and Absolve have good ones.  So do nice restaurants.  Please...please go try the Bacon PB&J Triangles at MWD...soooo good!  But then again, anything with pb&j is going to be good.  Ok, till next time!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Results

And we begin!  Guess I know what I'll be doing Monday nights...steaks, baked potatoes, buffalo wings, beer and football!!

By the way, best steak night spots!

Mon: Onion Creek, Volcano $12
Tues: Grifs (Roseland), Cedar Creek, Front Porch Pub, Brixx, Pub Fiction
Wed: Cahill's, Little Woodrows, Tavern, Onion Creek, Oporto
Thurs: Red Lion, Christian's Tailgate
Sat: Alabama Icehouse (Alabama)
Sun: Tavern 2 for $20

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Restaurant Week Hit #3 - Del Friscos

I wouldn't think to go to Del Frisco's for the mere fact that it's located in the mall.  But, in its defense it's in the Galleria Mall and really I've heard good things about it from enough people to put it on my to do list, which brings us to #3 on my hit list for Restaurant Week.

We're due for our monthly ladies dinner, so Nikki, Syndi, Uyen and I meet and decide to share meals off the RW menu.  The house salad was actually really good.  The dressing was just the right amount of creamy and light.  Both Nikki and Syndi split and Uyen and I split the Prime Rib and Red Snapper.  Both, I thought were very good.  The Prime Rib was tender and really flavorful, although we did have to send it back because it came out too bloody.  The Red Snapper, to my surprise, was really good too.  Light, flaky, with the right amount of flavor.  Fish can come out bland or fishy, even in the best restaurants, but it was just right.  For dessert, our server said he's typically a chocolate guy, but that the lemon cake is so good, he prefers it over their chocolate options.  That's all you have to say, lemon cake it is!  The lemon cake comes out and it's actually really bad.  But, I chalk it up to, they must be having a bad day, because it is not good, in fact it's very very dry.  However, the banana bread pudding is definitely the best!  The chocolate mousse on first try was not so great.  But, after giving it another try, I thought the chocolate mousse was really good and I ended up finishing it.

At the end of dinner we were so full, we stopped by RDG + Bar Annie and had some cheese and more wine.  Why do we do that?!  It's so hard to say no to good food.  My dining experience at Del Frisco's was definitely good.  I can atest to the rave reviews, for sure!