Friday, September 30, 2011

Drunken Bread

At Max's Wine Dive, Glenn orders the Drunken Bread, which is not something I would think to order, just like the Bacon & PBJ Triangles. I'm not exactly sure what's in it either, but it tasted like a crusty cheesy quiche and it was really good! Beware, you don't want to come here if you're on a diet. The food here will definitely clog your arteries and expand that waist line...but dangit, the food is good.

I think we ordered 4 orders of the Bacon PB&J! We also ordered the Mac & Cheese, also very good. Last, we ordered the Fried Chicken, white meat, which I could've done without.

I just purchased a bottle of the Beringer Cab 2005 at Krogers and it was over $40. MWD sells it for $39 and if you purchase more than one bottle, it gets even cheaper. That's good to know!

Ok, don't forget, if you visit MWD, you must try the Bacon PB&J.


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