Thursday, September 15, 2011

Field of Greens (Upper Kirby)

I was introduced to Field of Greens by a friend, Joey some time back.  I knew it was something I always wanted to try, but the atmosphere never really drew me in.  My first time, I remembered when they delivered my Macrobiotic plate to me, I noticed a cookie on top of the rice and I thought, that's a strange place to put a cookie.  So, I moved it to a napkin and when Joey returned from the restroom, he says, "you don't like tofu?"  HAHAHA!!  I thought it was a cookie!  We had a good laugh.

Anyways, today Jim wants to try, so we meet there for lunch and he gets the Wild Salmon Burger, I get a half order of the Macrobiotic plate (brown rice, black beans, steamed broccoli, and kale salad, and grilled tofu), add extra tofu with pea lentil soup.  See this plate, this is a half order.  It's best you order half if you're not sharing with someone.  I've never seen a full order, since they always suggest I get half, and I do.  My dish is good and satisfying, if you like this kind of food.  Jim says his was good too.  I didn't try it since I don't like fishy fish and cooked salmon is as fishy as it gets. 

Very good, I love Field of Greens, but I do think they could snazzy up their interior better.

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