Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mac & Cheese and Cupcakes & Caviar

After a sad first half of happy hour at The Grove, by the way, not a great place to have happy hour for a very small group.  Is their business ok?  Their traffic seems really low.  Their Raspberry Margarita is really good.  So is their Guac & Dip and Hummus and Bread.  I could only do half of the Raspberry Margarita as I was starting to turn tomato red and fanning myself.  The bartender said it's mostly sugar and there was barely any alcohol in it, haha, very funny.

Ok so anyways, we continue happy hour at Max's Wine Dive later.  The Mac & Cheese is so dang good!  It's so simple, but still so cheesy.  Their cheese plates on the other hand, need some work!  Susan and I also ordered the Cupcakes & Caviar.  If you don't already know, Max's WD is known for their odd pairings.  Odd at first, but dangerously good!  Like their PBJ&Bacon Triangles...which is strictly only on the Happy Hour menu...and apparently, begging doesn't work. 

Anyways, back to the Cupcakes & Caviar...I was actually really hesitant to try it.  I've never had Caviar.  I know, I'm so unrefined!  But, after Susan and Stuart downed theirs, I found the courage and took it in like an Amuse Bouche (single bite sized hors d'ouevre).  But, I think it was actually too big to take in all at once.  I wished I had taken it in in two bites.  I think I would've appreciated the Caviar a bit more.  All I tasted was the toughness of the cupcake and the flavor of the cupcake and didn't really notice the Caviar.  So, don't be afraid to try it, you can barely taste the fish eggs.  Our bartender said it was really good, but I think he lied, it was ok.  I did also have the Beringer Cab, excellent.  Our Bartender said he got us a 2005 vintage...said it was an excellent year and if you can get it, always get 2005.

I'm finding myself returning to Max's Wine Dive more these days and loving it the more and more I go.

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