Saturday, September 3, 2011

Restaurant Week Hit #3 - Del Friscos

I wouldn't think to go to Del Frisco's for the mere fact that it's located in the mall.  But, in its defense it's in the Galleria Mall and really I've heard good things about it from enough people to put it on my to do list, which brings us to #3 on my hit list for Restaurant Week.

We're due for our monthly ladies dinner, so Nikki, Syndi, Uyen and I meet and decide to share meals off the RW menu.  The house salad was actually really good.  The dressing was just the right amount of creamy and light.  Both Nikki and Syndi split and Uyen and I split the Prime Rib and Red Snapper.  Both, I thought were very good.  The Prime Rib was tender and really flavorful, although we did have to send it back because it came out too bloody.  The Red Snapper, to my surprise, was really good too.  Light, flaky, with the right amount of flavor.  Fish can come out bland or fishy, even in the best restaurants, but it was just right.  For dessert, our server said he's typically a chocolate guy, but that the lemon cake is so good, he prefers it over their chocolate options.  That's all you have to say, lemon cake it is!  The lemon cake comes out and it's actually really bad.  But, I chalk it up to, they must be having a bad day, because it is not good, in fact it's very very dry.  However, the banana bread pudding is definitely the best!  The chocolate mousse on first try was not so great.  But, after giving it another try, I thought the chocolate mousse was really good and I ended up finishing it.

At the end of dinner we were so full, we stopped by RDG + Bar Annie and had some cheese and more wine.  Why do we do that?!  It's so hard to say no to good food.  My dining experience at Del Frisco's was definitely good.  I can atest to the rave reviews, for sure!

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