Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Restaurant Week Hit #2 - Brasserie 19

Out with the girls and...I forgot to photograph my dish, again.
I typically get the Roasted Hen, and I’m not a roasted hen kind
of person. But, the Roasted Hen at B19 is soooo good. But, I
decided something new today, Steak Frites! Steak good,
fries so yummy, sorbet was fine. Two of the girls thought the
sorbet was the best. It had 3 different flavors, lemon lime,
raspberry, and cucumber. Yes, I said cucumber. The cucumber
was definitely different...interesting, but still not my favorite.
Fyi, B19 has a really good warm apple pie. As always, I enjoy
Brasserie 19, and think it’s always a great place to go. It’s
currently one of my favorite restaurants at the moment.

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