Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anvil Bar (Montrose)

Alas, I have arrived...to Anvil, with great anticipation...along with friend, Hannah, ready for a full discourse, much needed girl talk,while experiencing a great new bar!  (It's pretty dark inside for this camera, so below are switched photos to standard camera shots.)  It's Monday, so it's a light crowd inside.  But, even then, the bar is full, but the booth and table seating around are light.  Typically, this place is elbow to elbow, I hear, which is not to my usual liking.  So at the moment, this is great just the way it is!  Quiet and low key.

We're finding it a little hard to keep at the girl talk, as our bar neighbors keep interrupting.  I'm resistant, but I eventually give in and we chat it up with Bob, to my left. Interesting looking fellow.  He interrupts us and joins our conversation on dating and relationships.  It seems the Anvil culture is come alone, that's fine, you'll find someone to talk to.  I guess we could have sat at a table for a more private conversation, but since I love sitting at the bar, we make do.

Anvil is a cocktail bar, but they have American microbrews, 13 strange beers on tap, and they pride themselves on making their own liquers, bitters, sodas, etc.  It's really interesting to watch the bartenders put together drinks and also concoct new ones.  The bartenders are amazing and really nice too.  They really get into this whole crafting cocktails idea.  Fun place!  Our bartender said he got the job at Anvil after beating the owner at a cocktail contest...that's pretty neat!  (He's the bartender towards the bottom of the photos.)  We finish the night with a few interesting drinks, a good cheese plate, and some new acquaintances.

More photos...

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