Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frosted Betty at Home

Frosted Betty is now officially settled in at their new home next to Tulips & Tutus, where I get all my newborn baby gifts. They have the cutest things. FB's part of this shopping center is actually decorated very cute. Curtains made out of sackcloth, wooden barrel bins to hd candies and other snacks. They also have a section of glass encased chocolates.

I've had FB cupcakes a total of 4 times. The first time I liked, noticed a bit of greasiness. The second time the greasiness was confirmed, third time I made up my mind I didn't like FB cupcakes. The fourth time I just wanted to try it again in their new home while I was shopping for John and Renee's new addition, Madeliene. I bought two, brought it back to the office cut them each into fours and everybody hated them, said all they could taste was the Crisco. Ok, it's been officially confirmed.

My office thinks I should tell FB or else they are going to go out of business.  We'll see...

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