Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ruggles 11th St Cafe

I keep forgetting Ruggles took over 11th St Cafe.  That's the best news I've had all year...well, almost...no, not really.  But, it is great news!  I've always wondered how 11st St Cafe was staying alive. I heard they were going to shut down, but amazingly Ruggles saves 11th St Cafe.  With this amazing news, I just keep wondering why I keep forgetting about this great new marriage.  It's been maybe a couple of months and I'm just now visiting, it's totally bizarre behavior.

The interior looks great, different!  Layout is still the same as 11th St Cafe, but much more decorated.  I love the new decor inside.  It's so green and lively!  This new marriage really is an exciting development for the Heights!  Speaking of development, does everyone see all the new restaurants and real estate coming into the Heights?  Christian's Tailgate, Liberty Kitchen (Oyster Bar), Revival Market, Down House, not to mention the amazing restaurants and bars that are already over here like Stella Stola, Shade, Asia Market, Onion Creek, Pink's Pizza, etc.

Ok, back to Ruggles.  So, Ty and I both ordered the Texas Goat Cheese Salad, which is my favorite at Ruggles.  He had it with Salmon, I had it with Chicken.  Same great tasting salad.  Not much else to say, Ruggles is Ruggles, good food!  Ok, I know where I'm going to be a regular at...

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