Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tiny's No. 5 (West University)

Do you not know?  Have you not heard? Tiny Boxwood's West U is now opened!!  It's official name is Tiny's No. 5.  Most have heard the buzz on the street about the new Tiny's in West U, but unsure about opening date.  I'm happy to report, it is officially opened and it's really nice!  It's big and spacious.  Same beautiful and inspiring interior.  Kind of empty at the moment, I think mostly because people don't know it's opened.  It started out opened for dinner only, but they're now opened for brunch and lunch too...without that long line! 

I got the Arugula salad, not so good, it was pretty dry.  At one point, I thought I was going to choke.  Janice got the Chicken Sandwich, which she said was the same dry.  I think if my salad had a little more grapefruit, it would have been perfect.  I should've gotten the Turkey Burger, which is ahhhh-mazing!  They've discontinued it at the original location because it takes so long to cook.  It's better than the Buffalo Burger, in my opinion, and the BB itself is really good.  We also got a Kolache and a Cinnamon Roll.  The Kolache was ok, the Cinnamon roll was really good!  It was moist and sweet...very good.  The staff was really good too, attentive, followed up.

Of course they had to include the same patch of grass as at the original location.  It's a little odd, I'm not sure what they use it for or what's its function.  I guess it looks kind of nice.  You're probably wondering what the golf cart is for.  I was told that if you call Tiny's, they will come and pick you up from your house!  That's if you live in West U.  That is the coolest idea!  Love it! 

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