Friday, September 23, 2011

The Blue Fish (Washington Corridor)

I've noticed in the Washington moment it's one thing, the next it's a brand new dive..."one day yo in, and next day yo out".  Thus, is the case for this new sushi shop, Blue Fish, referred to me by my roommate and gal friend, Diana.

Stuart and I arrive and my gosh, it's really true.  I've never seen this before now.  Seriously, this popped up out of nowhere.  Parking is insane.  Your only true option is to valet.  You walk in and it's dark and dance music overhead.  It feels cold, sterile cold.  It's not what I was expecting.  I was hoping for a quaint little dive, but no, it's a trendy sushi restaurant.  We sit at the bar and I ask the bartender for something with salmon, tuna, no fried rolls.  She suggests the "The Blue Fish Roll" (Fresh salmon / tuna / yellowtail / masago / avocado and cucumber, $9.95) and the "Sashimi" (Salmon / tuna / yellowtail / escolar / shrimp / king crab / jalapeƱo / radish sprouts / avocado / wrapped with soy paper and marinated carrot / ponzu and chili, $15.50).  I didn't really like either.  There was just too much tang in the Sashimi and the Blue Fish Roll was just ok.  But, there was no fishiness, it seemed pretty fresh, which is a huge plus.  Nigiri was good.  We ordered the fried ice cream, which was good.  I think Aka Sushi's is better though.

Overall, I thought their prices were pretty high, for what it was.  The atmosphere was not to my liking.  It was too trendy and felt more like a club than a restaurant.  It's fine for an occasional change, but it's definitely not going to be in my regular repertoire of go-to restaurants.  I shall not return anytime soon...

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  1. Love te place. Hope you will find the way back and choose the ahi tower and a rain Forrest roll and you will find out why these guys going to be the place that's in. Read your blog and mostly agree with everything you say. First time to comment . Ask for FIsh he will make sure you have a good time.