Friday, September 30, 2011

Niko Nikos Downtown

Niko Nikos is new in Downtown (called Market Square), across from Treebeard's, near Cabo.'s not what you think. It's just a small food booth in "Market Square", (I guess that's the new name for this area).  So, what this really means is that all seating is outside.  This is very important information for us Houstonians!  That means, this is not an option during the summer, well at least not for sit down meals.  I'm sure it's more pick up or to go orders.  However, they do have misters outside, but it still gets pretty warm.  It's not completely comfortable, in my opinion.  Now with the weather cooling down, it's going to be a great option for downtown professionals.  In the center of the Park, is nice.  Reminds me of the Shake Shack in NYC, but the food better here, but atmosphere better in NYC. 

Also, the menu is really lightened up.  This location doesn't carry the full menu items like at the Montrose location.  However, the guys were nice and allowed me to customize my meal.  I usually get the Hummus and Tabouli combo, add 2 Falafel patties.  For Chris, I ordered him the Chicken Kebobs add Hummus.   Both of these items we customized and they did make for us.  Ok, anyways, go visit during cooler weather, which is now.  I can't wait till Phonecia Deli opens in Downtown.  They've been postponing opening, but recently said September, so it should be very very soon! 

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