Friday, July 16, 2010

Frosted Betty (Home in Katy/Mobile Inside the Loop)

I was leaving my place in the Heights heading over to Celebrity to pick up a birthday cupcake and I saw one of those mobile vans, parked at Tulips & Tutus, that said "Cupcakes" and other baked goods.

I walk up, there's already a customer waiting for her cupcakes and there's a man in the van, taking orders.  He says they park at different spots on different days, they come out to 19th street twice a week.  I've been thinking someone needs to bring a cupcake place closer to this side of town.

Awesome, so I get red velvet and lemon.  I was planning on only taking a bite of the red velvet since I'm watching my waist line, but I devoured the entire thing.  The cake part wasn't as red, it was more...brown.  He said they put the icing on at the time the cupcakes are, that icing just melted in my mouth!  I did only take a couple bites of the lemon, didn't want to overdo it, but the lemon was actually a very good lemon cupcake.  I haven't had a good lemon cupcake yet.  The only thing complaint I had about the lemon, was the icing literally just melted on the cupcake and wasn't as visually appealing.

Their home is in Katy, but they're also mobile during the week.  You can twitter or facebook to get their in town schedule.

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