Saturday, October 16, 2010

Angela’s Oven in the Heights

Angela's bakery isn't a place you just happen to drive-by.  It's on an interior street in Sunset Heights off of Aurora.  You'll only come across this place either by accident or because someone told you it existed.  In my case, it was a coworker, Ms. In-the-Know-Karen-Keplinger.  I'm not sure what was here before, but it's a really large building for such a small interior.

I'm not kidding, these two shots below are the extent of the interior.  There's a small interior sitting space just opposite to this shot, I think it was for the patrons, but overall it was extremely small.  We even got a little stuck with the previous customer, trying to get out the door.  The selections were meager and they only open from 8-1pm, I'm not sure how they even stay in business.   I know this lady here isn't the owner, but whoever she is, she isn't very friendly.  Jennifer and I couldn't crack a smile out of her.  Nope, she wasn't very excited to see us or serve us.

We order the cheese and fruit danish and chocolate croissant.  Sorry, forgot to take a picture, but they were both just okay, nothing to write home about.  Jennifer said she tried her cheese danish and said it tasted like crap and threw it away.  Ok well, maybe I'll try it again, cinnamon rolls next!

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