Friday, July 13, 2012

Sushi Tora

I'm always wary about trying new sushi restaurants.  This place, I have heard brought up in conversation by many people.  I'm even more skeptical about sushi places because I'm so sensitive to fishiness, but oddly, I still wanted to try it.  The two times I tried before this time, it was too crowded, not enough seats for my party.  However, this time, it's still super crowded, but I went with one person, Stuart, and we found a table.  We sit down and I'm a little annoyed by the sound level inside.  It's just so loud, a combination of chatter and the music.  I mean, it's a little ridiculous how loud they have the music.  Not to mention how loud the comic-style art on the wall is, covering every inch of the wall, the shiny metal ceiling, it's all almost too much to take in, all my senses on overload.  But, as I sit there, in about 5 minutes, I realized, this is their thing.  It's actually kind of cool when you get it.  It's so different.  It's funky, hip and young...and I'm finding I actually really like it.  It's like I had this epiphany and a total change of attitude about it in less 5 minutes. 

It's so causual, our server walks up, I think he's the only server in the whole place. He's wearing jeans and a t-shirt with comics printed on it.  He might even also be the busser.  He's very casual about taking our order, I don't think he even greeted us or gave us his name, but it was totally cool.  I think he might have even just asked what we'd like and that was it.  We order, he leaves, our food comes out when it's ready, no rules at all about bringing out main dishes together...we eat's so good!

What I think makes this place so cool is, it seems like the whole vibe of the place is naturally the owner's unique style.  I don't know who influences most of it, the mom or the son, I'm guessing it's the son, but whoever it is, it feels authentic them.  I could be wrong.  Based on how I felt walking in to how I felt leaving...I was glad I had this whole change of heart in a matter of 10 minutes.  I loved it, it was really different and best part...the food is actually really good.  I guess they were is not only good, but it's cool, in it's own unique way.

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