Friday, October 19, 2012

Pass and Provisions

The new "IT" restaurant.  At least that's the buzz.  It is located in the old Gravitas building, which I've always liked, but the food was always another thing.  Here, it's still nice and cozy like Gravitas was, but also feels hip and exciting.  I love the atmosphere!  No seating available inside, so we sat outside, which was a very nice space, I totally didn't mind.

Our server was very helpful.  We ordered some vino, apparently they sell half glasses, which I think is a marvelous idea!  I had 2 halves.  My dining mate ordered the wine flights.  On ordering I always ask for server recommendations. They always know the best items on the menu.  At his suggestion, we ordered two bread & cheese pairings, $9 each.  The Kimchi Pan au Lait with Warm Egg Yolk, and Coupole (Cow) cheese combination and the Whipped Lardo Challah with Bacon Charoset and Grayson (Cow) cheese combination.  Hello!  I have to order the Kimchi bread...after all, I am Korean!  I thought both combinations were interesting.  The bread was really nice, warm, soft, melted in my mouth!  The Kimchi in the Pan au Lait was very subtle.  I think it was the Grayson cheese, that came with the Challah bread...I didn't care so much for.  The softer cheese, probably the Coupole, that came with the Kimichi bread, was delish!

Under the Meat section, we ordered the Ham O'Day ($10), which I did not like at all.  I took one bite and gave the rest of it to my dining mate.  He seemed to like it.  It was like a raw meat loaf or something, at least it looked like it and it didn't taste all that great, in my opinion.  We also got the Ricotta/Arugula/Ham O'Day ($15) at the suggestion of the server.  That was pretty good.  It looked like the typical arugula prosciutto style thin crust pizza, but the ham was less potent than prosciutto.  It was much nicer on my taste buds.  The crust was delicious.  For dessert we ordered Lemon Pound Cake/Bay Laurel Ice Cream/Citrus ($9).  I enjoyed this very much, so did my dining mate.

Overall, I liked my experience.  They haven't opened the Pass portion of the restaurant yet.  Looking forward to it.  I would definitely go try, it's a cozy place, great for small groups and dates!  The couple next to us were on a blind date, so cute! 

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