Tuesday, September 24, 2013

M+S Wedding Planning Tip #1 - Tools!

If you hadn't noticed, I have been a little absent from blogging about my life in the city...since I've been a little preoccupied by other things, like planning a wedding!  If you're like me and thought planning a wedding would be fun, fun, fun...well, I'm going to share some of my realities of planning a wedding from now till the day, which hasn't been so much fun, fun, fun as I thought.  But, not to scare you all, but hopefully, this will be a fun series to follow and learning something wouldn't be so bad either.

First, a little background, Matt and I got engaged early August of this year.  Based on reception availability and weather, we decided November 23 would be the most optimal and it is also our 1 year anniversary, which was a meaningful date for us.  That gave us 4 months to plan, which is a little short, but definitely doable, by my married friend's accounts.

The hardest thing is knowing where to start, so that brings us to my tip #1, get on theknot.com!  It is a one stop shop and will really help you prioritize your timeline and tasks.  The first thing you should do on theknot.com is to set your budget.  I think it's good to talk to friends and others about their thoughts to get a good idea of where to set your budget.  It's a big reality check when you start talking finances with your significant other.  It can definitely be a source of harmony, contention, or frustration.  Pictured here is our website that we created through theknot.com.  They also provide quick tools to create your own domain for your knot website.

This will be the only tip that is unrelated to the city specifically, but I think it's a very important one.  I will mostly highlight tips related to Houston that can or may help with wedding planning.  In an effort to make each post readable and doable, I will only post one tip at a time.

Ok that's it for now...

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