Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wedding Tip #4 - Beauty Shares

Less than a month to go and it's time to start those beauty regimens!  On skin...recently, Lauren had a chemical peel done and I decided I may need one too.  I was thinking about the concept of referrals...the funny thing about them is that you don't necessarily have to get the most raving review, but you just need one, anyone, and to know someone else used them is often times good enough.  I went to the dermatologist today and I really liked her, Sonya.  She suggested I not get the chemical peel, as it's a very extreme process, but recommended I use a certain cream.  That, I really appreciated.  My dermatologist is at Bellaire Dermatology Associates.

On teeth...on occasion people comment on how white my teeth are.  I'm not in need of teeth whitening at the moment, but when I am, I usually do some minor form of teeth whitening once every 3-4 years.  Usually, I'll get a syringe of whitening gel from my dentist, as I already have teeth trays, it's $10 and works.  If you don't have trays, I find Crest white strips work well and is what Matt is doing now.  He's on day 9 and he says he can tell they are working.

On physique...I have been working with weights a lot more in general for the past year and a half.  However, I've been incorporating an extra day of cardio, weights, and high intensity training and have been getting a little more serious about my weight training.  I can definitely see some changes, small but some.  A great app I use that was introduced to me by Matt's brother is Nike Training Club.  Sometimes people ask me what I'm using during my work out, probably because they see a voice from my phone training me...NTC is all you need!  It's pretty awesome, it provides you a work out plan according to what you're looking for, getting toned, lean, strong, etc.  It's a free app  on the iphone.

On nutrition...I also hired a nutrionist.  I have been wanting to find one for some time and now just seemed like the appropriate time.  I have always felt I eat fairly healthy with more of a leaning towards a vegetarian diet.  But, to be honest, I eat whatever I want and I have always wondered what my best would be if I really tried or made more of an effort to eat right.  Since last Thursday I have been cooking like a mad woman and Matt is not complaining.  He doesn't mind being my guinea pig on trying new foods and "healthy" snacks, see picture below (protein pumpkin muffins).  I have been packing our lunches, eating every couple of hours, it's a lot of work!  Each night I find I am cooking two meals, one for dinner and one for tomorrow's lunch.  I have never been someone that enjoys cooking and I think it all stems from not really knowing how to cook.  I mean I can follow instructions, but have not been one that loves and desires to learn about foods.  This whole new cooking process has been a big effort on my part, but oddly kind of nice.  I've found that once you have some dishes under your belt, you can easily switch things around and it's not been so bad.  Mostly, I'm just motivated to see what this new style of eating is going to do for me.  I have to say, I was flabbergasted about the information about foods and the hidden fats that my nutritionist explained.  I am really excited, but mostly it's all fun.  I now have to eat 5 meals a day, most main meals must contain protein.  Today, I made egg salad sandwich and it was actually pretty good.  I'm feeling a lot more firm, maybe even a little smaller.  I have a second visit in 2 weeks, it will be interesting to see if there is any change, at least on paper.  My nutritionist is Keith Klein.

Just a few tips I can share about what I have incorporated in my diet is cook all my own meals, cut out the oil, do a lot of baking, add protein in each meal, add mid morning and mid afternoon snacks daily, and drink more water.  Ok, that's it for now, got to go make my veggie drink!

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