Monday, March 22, 2010

Ski Apache @Ruidoso New Mexico

Left last wednesday for my ski vacay in Ruidoso, New Mexico with friends.  Dropped of the doggies with a coworker/pup sitter.


The five of us drove to Ruidoso, New Mexico (13 hour drive) in a minivan.  The drive was actually not bad.  Ski Apache is the closest ski resort to Houston, so that's how it was decided.  Ski Apache is owned by a tribe, you'll notice most of the employees are Native Americans.  They're not the happiest bunch, it's quite noticeable when you meet one that's nice. 

Even with 5 years of boarding experience, I thought the chair lifts were fast.  The first day the snow was icy, not fun.  I thought I was over snowboarding, but by the end of the first day, the snow got a little slushy, much better to ride on.  The trails on the left side of the mountain were cool, but the third day, it snowed, soft powder, we hit the apache bowl, which was cool, but the half pipe was the best part.  FUN FUN FUN!! 

Goodbye Ruidoso!

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