Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yes, that is the name of this cupcake shop, which works straight out of this truck, no brick & mortar for this one.  Jim and I ran into this cupcake truck in Rice Village right outside Urban Outfitters.  We stop by, guys are super nice, I think they're the owners.  They didn't have a credit card machine, so they gave us free cupcakes.  Jim had a problem with that so we went to the atm and paid for them anyways.  Some people just can't accept a gift, oh well.

I open the box and pretty disappointed, these cupcakes are actually pretty ordinary looking.  No pizazz.  Do they realize who they're competing against?  Picture below from Celebrity Cupcakes, purchased a couple days later for a client...on presentation alone, there is no comparison.

Look how cute Celebrity Cupcake's cupcakes are.  They make me want to eat all of them and they taste yummy too!  My favorites at Celebrity Cupcakes are Red Velvet and Lemon Raspberry.  Thanks to Diana Yoon who likes cute things and introduced me to Celebrity Cupcakes.  She's so cute, love her and she's a brain...Postdoc at Rice as a molecular bone reconstruction something, I don't know, very technical stuff, but she loves cupcakes and makes them too!

However, I pull it out of the box and I actually think it's cute.  It's different.  Simple.  I like how the cake doesn't go far passed the cup.  The bright red cup.  I don't like how the truck looks, it is not very cute.  Looks cheap.  Hate the design.  This pictured here is Lemon.  Lemon is actually tasty, however, it doesn't taste professional.  It's more like something someone baked and brought to the office.  The nicest owners say "it's all natural".  I tell Celebrity Cupcakes owner and she says..."everyone's is all natural" and that they (Celebrity Cupcakes) uses organic ingredients.  Anyways, I still love Celebrity Cupcakes, they're the best.  However, I did try the Vanilla Bean the other day, and did not think that was very tasty.  The top of the cupcake is decorated with sugar sprinkles and just didn't taste very good.  I didn't finish it.  I think I'm gaining weight...I might have to lay off the cupcakes for now...this might be my last cupcake entry...maybe someone should come out with a new dessert concept and call it..."so long cupcake".   :)

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