Monday, January 3, 2011

Big Mamou

Another restaurant I live right down the street from and have never tried, Big Mamou.  Surprisingly, I actually like the interior, it's quaint.  I think this would be a great spot for a brunch place.  It's got nice outside seating for those amazing weather days.

Menu, kind of looks like Onion Creek's Menu...well the design of it.  Since this is cajun, the food is nothing like Onion Creek's.

I get the chicken gumbo since I'm not a huge seafood fan, other than sushi.  This dish is really different from other chicken gumbos I've had.  It's actually pretty bland and tastes really greasy, oily is more like it.  I still prefer Treebeard's chicken gumbo.  I also had the pecan pie which was yummy.

In summary, I heard this was atypical cajun, more northern or something.  I wasn't a big fan of the food, I did like the atmosphere inside.  Ryan liked his food, but he's really easy.  He always says I'm hard to please when it comes to food and that I don't like anything, not true.  I just like tasty things and Big Mamou was not tasty.  Hopefully, a brunch place will come take it's place and us Height residents can walk over and have a nice meal on a beautiful sunny day! :)

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