Saturday, January 1, 2011

Glass Wall

I finally got a chance to visit glass wall.  I'm pretty shameful about it since I live right down the street.  Still haven't visited Stella Sola yet either. 
Its front is all window, I like.  I walk in, bar then this frosted glass that divides the bar area and the dining area.

Tasty potato chips at the bar.

I asked for a menu and the bartender says the kitchen is closed, so he reaches over offers his To-Go food, which I refuse, he insists and puts it on a dish and brings it out. It's the Beef Short Rib (apple cider braised, apple/jalapeno jam, whipped maple sweet potatoes, $23). Again, I'm thinking of that saying..."don't bite the hand that feeds you". He insisted it was the best dish on the menu. It was good, but it wasn't excellent. The mashed sweet potatoes I thought had a weird taste to it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was funky. He also insisted I try this specific cab and poured, I liked and he didn't even charge me for it.

In summary, I really liked the interior. I definitely want to try it again, I'll have to try another dish though. Our bartender was amazing. You can tell he believes in the restaurant. He was extremely accommodating and really wanted me to enjoy my food, wine and time there. He really made me feel important/special, he was fantastic. Great bartender. I will definitely be back.