Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kobe Burger at Mockingbird Bistro

I have been really looking forward to trying the Kobe burger after reading an article about it.  It's been on my to do list for a few months.  So, I was really excited about lunch today with Kevin (Mortgage) and Yen (Branch Manager) from BBVA Compass.

I've been here once before long ago and remember enjoying the food.  I read recently, you can now sit outside and sure enough, there is a small patio set up in front.  Interior is nice and rich colors.  Very ornate, decorative, and kingly.

It's a pretty restaurant, for sure.  I should have taken a shot of the front, but I'm sure most folks have seen it.  It's a very charming building, brick, vines, nestled on an interior street.  Not a great lunch spot, but defintely a fantastic dinner spot.

The bread shown here, brought out with olive oil mixed with basil, though good was brought out awhile after our entree.  Not a huge deal, just a passing thought...

Our Kobe burgers were brought out by 3 servers at the same time, following each other, looked very impressive.  They looked like they were heading to serve someone very important.  Great presentation, steam off the burger.  I mixed a bit of this tangy mayo concotion and placed the greens and onions in the burger, took a, so flavorful.  Hate to overhype, so defintely recommending you to go and try it.  Didn't even use the ketchup, except for the fries.  There was so much flavor and it was so juicy...goodNASS!

The fries tasted amazing, they were really good, a different kind of crispy and perfectly salted with a hint of some kind of herbs, maybe.  I may be overthinking it.  One complaint, the fries look all right in this photo, but really they were in little pieces.  I expect more from MBB.  I hate to seem so picky, but the truth is, they shouldn't send something out like this for a restaurant of this caliber.  Just slightly disappointed...maybe a 1 on a 10 scale.  I mentioned it to the manager and he said, oh that they must've gotten the last bit of the fries and of course switched them out.  Anyways, not a big deal considering how amazing the burger was. 

We had a conversation about Kobe beef.  I wasn't quite sure why it had such a great reputation and why it's so stinking expensive.  I had my first Kobe beef at Bradly Ogden some years ago.  1 oz, which is the size of a sashimi sized piece of fish, was $40!!  For a meal consisting of 4 pieces of Kobe beef, it cost $160!  My lunchmates said the reason why Kobe beef is so expensive is because they feed the cow beer and massage it.  That's why it's so soft...interesting, didn't know that.

When it comes to fine dining, I definitely expect more.  If I were at Onion Creek, I wouldn't notice service or food as much because I know what I'm getting into.  For Mockingbird Bistro, I expect great service and for most of it, it was.  Anyways, definitely a good experience, overall food was great, service was good.  You have to go and try the Kobe burger, it's absolutely on my list of top burgers in Houston!

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