Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ooh La La Desserts

The shop is in a great spot in Town & Country shopping center, not City Center.  The interior is cute, I can see they tried.  But, they need a little more work it looks a little sad and definitely not cozy.  But the selection of furniture is fun and kind of shabby chic. 

The dessert casings are kind of ghetto, but whatever...the cupcakes are ginormous!  I can't wait to sink my teeth in it.  Geez, what a deflater, it was totally eh...actually I take that's worse than eh.  The chocolate cake was dry and pretty bad, but on the bright side, if you keep eating starts to grow on you.  But, if you take a break and go back, it's pretty bad again.  Also, just so you know...I warned that girl that this one cupcake would determine if I ever came back and she still recommended it to me!  That's scary.

In summary, when it comes to cupcakes, it should be about quality, not quantity. There was just no love in these cupcakes and you can't hold it against people for giving high ratings for subpar cupcakes.  They just don't know any better.  But, it was pretty bad, I didn't finish it.  That's bad.  I'd rather eat a cupcake from Costco...ok, not really.  But really, just save the calories for something better!!   If you want to know what love in a cupcake tastes like...go to Celebrity Cupcakes!  Ok now, tootles!

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