Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Fatz

I thought I just discovered something new, but Happy Fatz in the Heights has been in this location for a year! I only first saw and heard of in the last week.  Looking at the current sign, I realized why I had never noticed it or even knew what it was.  They need a big nice or clever sign that says "Happy Fatz" with "Gourmet Hot Dogs" underneath in big visible-off-the-street print.

At the clerk's recommendation, I got the Clucker (hash browns, bacon, grilled onion, fried egg cooked over easy, secret Clucker sauce), $8. Jay got the next highly recommended Texas Chili (Homemade Shiner Bock Chili, onions, cheddar, fritos), $8. I have to agree the Clucker was good, better than the Texas Chili, but it's so heavy it's not something I'd typically pick. But, it was a good recommendation. The dog was really good, a nicely charbroiled dog with good snappy skin. The coleslaw she said we should get, it's homemade and different. It wasn't a super wower, but it was different and good. I think I might still like the Good Dog Food truck slightly better. I might have to go visit to be continued...

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