Monday, May 28, 2012

Local Foods

An excellent choice by Thomson.  It's not only been on my list of to-dos, but also I've been hearing great I was definitely excited to go.  It's in the old Antone's next to Benjy's in Rice Village.  Isn't it so cute?  I love the design, decor and set up.  Just add more people and it would be perfect.  We did visit on a weekend and just a little early for dinner, so that would probably explain the emptiness.  He says it gets crowded during weekday lunch hour. 

Thomson raved about the crunchy chicken.  It's also what the clerk recommended.  I was sick so I wanted to go soup.  The clerk brings out two samples and I decide I like them both and get small cups of both.  The Posole was probably better for my sickness, as it was more brothy and bland.  It was ok.  The tomato soup was yummy as a sample, but then when they brought out the cup, it had olives that changed the flavor and it was olive oil heavy.  I found I like the sample version of it more because it tasted lighter.

Thomson's crunchy chicken was defnitely yummy.  All foods are grown local and in house, except the bread.  Which makes it even cooler.  The chips are homemade!  It's definitely a must try.  The two sides were both just ok.

Would I go back...yeah...I'd probably go back.  I love the concept of locally grown foods, it's decorated well, they have some other neat concepts and the clerk wears an apron and has a mustache.  That's pretty funky, and I like it.

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