Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breakfast at Java Java!

I've heard of Java Java, but never tried.  I don't think I even noticed it until someone mentioned it as a brunch spot.  Finally, I get a chance to go this past weekend!  It's located on 11th street, once you get there you know you've seen it.  Parking is limited, we walk in and atomsphere is ok, I guess.  There's a good number of people, maybe only a handful of tables still open.  The decor/interior is uninspiring but, even at that I'm sure decor selections were intentional.  It almost looks like a Mexican restaurant and describing it as Austin ish is a stretch. 

I'm actually pretty excited after I see the menu.  They have a Breakfast combo that allows me to have eggs and half of a waffle.  Perfect for me!  I got turkey sauage and it also comes with a cantalope.  Matt got the same thing but with bacon instead.  I'm not expecting a whole lot, since, so far my experience has been pretty average.  I take a bite of my eggs, mmm...good actually.  Turkey sausage...mm...good, waffle, mm....good too.  Even the cantalope was good.  I thought everything tasted really good and quite surprised.  Everything was done well and I'm always a fan of just good, tasty food.  A definite go back spot!

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