Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cappuccinos & Brownie at Barnaby’s

So lately I've been really into cappuccinos, had two at Barnaby's in company of Jennifer and Janice and surprisingly Barnaby's West Gray has a nice, strong cappuccino, I just learned how to spell "cappuccino". Two caps and still able to go to sleep easily at night. I wonder why some are affected and some aren't by caffeine and I'm no regular coffee drinker. Btw, Jennifer is a perv, she said our drinks look like boobies. Cute aren't they? We actually ended up at Barnaby's craving a brownie, got a brownie a la mode and it was ok, I've had it before. The ice cream and brownie, not the greatest of pairings, the ice cream, as jennifer noted, tastes like flowers, eat the brownie wo and it's much better. Still on the lookout for a good brownie spot...another btw, I just went to the Barnaby's next to Baby Barnaby's on Fairview for the first time, all this time I thought it was all the same thing, but no, Barnaby's next to Baby Barnaby's on Fairview is the original, I like, very hole in the wall feel, wait staff at this particular location are fsuper duper friendly.

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  1. try the brownies at Cafe Express...they were pretty good