Friday, October 30, 2009

I am a sushi snob

I am what I am. But, just to clear up I am a sushi-snob, but not because of some social elitest perception I have of myself, but because I didn't grow up eating seafood. Therefore, I have a very sensitive pallette to seafood. I don't like anything even remotely close to a "fishy" taste. So if it's not fresh sushi, I can tell immediately. I went to Kata Robata Sushi & Grill with OG yesterday and the atmosphere is nice and warm, lots of textures, traditional meets new, lots of bamboo, warm lighting, new and updated. Our waiter seemed a bit new, nervous a little. I didn't like how they put my sushi on my dinning mate's plate, I didn't get a chance to eat it. We ordered edamame, salad with miso dressing, Tropical Salmon roll and the Oceanic Picante something roll (had salmon, tuna, tempura asparagus). They were both just okay, nothing to write home about. Actually, they both just tasted watered down, that's the best way I can describe it. A friend had recommended Kata Robata, said the food was so good. Some people just aren't very picky. I still stand by my Aka Sushi, still my favorite sushi spot.

Stopped by Tasting Room Uptown, had the bread pudding, very good. I find when you order bread pudding, you get everything under the sun. Some like a loaf of cinnamin type loaf to that which is offered at Ruggles, but the bread pudding at TR was different. Very tasty, didn't go very good with wine, but I guess you can't have it all. The circle of girls sitting next to me were eating the Margherita pizza, smelled soooo good. I'll have to try that next time.

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