Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday Night Football @Shuck Daddy’s

So regularly on Mondays, the boys, me and reb eat bar food while watching football. Now the guys are probably the only ones watching, unless one of my fantasy football players are playing, but other than that, it's just to eat junk and be in a fun and high energy atmosphere. So usually we do steak night, one of my favorite things to do, but we've been throwing in different ideas to meet at, last night, Shuck Daddy's. I've been before, on opening night, didn't have much for me to eat at that time, but I've heard they've added to their menu. Happy Hour is 3-7pm Monday through Saturday. Mostly seafood, crawfish and fried stuff. Yesterday, I had the calamari, stuffed crab jalapenos, buffalo wings, and fish tacos. Fish tacos were bland, and I'm not usually a tabassco person, but it needed some flavor, so add tabassco and all was good. I think we were all unanimous on the buffalo wings, worst I've ever tasted. We couldn't get Lou to even lick them for a taste. Stuffed jalapenos were actually good, calamari was soggy. I also tasted the michelada, which is beer and bloody mary mix, that was eh too. I'm not quite sure how the place stays open. I think Shuck's problem is they do the minimum. People don't like minimum regarding food unless you have a rocking atmosphere. There was a comment about unattractive waitresses, that usually doesn't help a restaurant of that type either. I think I got the thumbs down for recommending Shucks, maybe it's different for crawfish and oysters, which I believe is their main thing.

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