Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend of Food

I frequent Tiny's at least once a week. The atmosphere is relaxing, food is good, energy good, but crowd and parking is ridiculous. It's enough to never step foot in there again! Anyways, everything I've tried here is good. buffalo burger, steak & avocado salad, turkey & avocado sandwich, frites, bread plate, and the infamous beet-it-burger, not for the faint of heart! The patty, beets and beans on a toasted wheat bun. I like it, but I like it mostly because it's healthy and it's actually not bad. I decided to have the orzo pasta, but the frites are tastier and go better.

It was Jodie's birthday so we had Crave's red velvet, the best, in my opinion. It's super yum. There's just something really magical about that top layer...mmm...

At Dolce Vita's, my second time. I asked our server to recommend their best pizza, he suggested the Margherita pizza, I had it, it's was just okay, and Margherita is my favorite pizza. I'm starting to think pizza is not Dolce Vita's forte. They should drop the "Pizzeria" behind their name. I will go again for the atmosphere, but definitely won't be ordering pizza this time. I overheard another patron saying the short ribs were awesome, maybe my next thing to order. They also have this bread appetizer I haven't had a chance to try, maybe next time.

Saturday dinner was at Bonga with the fam. I just noticed on Fearless Critic, they gave Bonga a 8.8 rating, top 12 out of over 100 restaurants under the category of "casual". Bonga is my go to Korean restaurant at the moment. Good dwen jang gigae, that's tofu bean soup.

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