Thursday, October 29, 2009

damn I need some chocolate

So my car gets broken into last night while I was at the gym...I work out at the Fit on Waugh and West Gray. Apparently they have a lot of break ins and they have security supposedly driving around. I just happen to switch purses and left it in the car that early afternoon, so at the time my car got broken into, I had two purses in the car. They got away with my cash, $40 or so, all my credit cards, and I had a lot, and withdrew $500 from my debit account and spent $300 at Fiesta. They also tried to use my Target card at Target, which I think is funny. They apparently thought you have to use a Target credit card at Target. Tried to charge $300, then $200, but they didn't know that card is maxed out...ahahahaha...fools. The staff at the Fit, pulled out the cleaning supplies, cleaned, vaccumed, and trash bagged and taped up my car since it was raining...they're so awesome.

I had lunch with one of my clients, Lauren, to discuss some stuff and she said she felt like God had brought me to them because he wants his little girl back, this is where I started to cry, at Tiny Boxwood's, I looked up at her and she was welling up too. I told her she was weird. ;)

I get back to the office, a specific builder that sounds like short version of three convicts, doesn't want to pay my bonus, losers and I can't basicially do anything about it.

damn I'm having a bad day...I need chocolate!

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  1. That's too sure the purses attracted those thieves. Doesn't ur car have a good anti-theft built in? I dare someone break into my car...great anti-theft system!