Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mona Lisa at the City Center. I think that's the name, I go where I'm told. Apparently there's a restaurant and a bar/lounge and outside pool cabanna area. We didn't eat, just stopped by for wine. We sat on the patio loungers, across the way were 3 cabannas. It was a nice trendy spot. City Center has really vamped up. Supposedly the new big epicenter, the Memorial/I-10 area. One of my girlfriends said the spot is nice and trendy, but the people don't quite live up to the atmosphere...that was her observation, I hadn't noticed.

Before that, we stopped by Straits for the chocolate lava cake. Friends said it's good, as we gobbled it up in a couple bites, but Flemmings is still better. We had some more Roti bread, yum yum. They thought the curry sauce was overpowering and skipped the sauce. Bartender was a Korean guy, tall, very nice.

Before that, we were at Yardhouse. We had the Korean bbq, calamari, and margherita pizza. Happy Hour is 5-7pm, they have a slew of things to pick from at half the price and wine is $1.50/glass.

I like City Center, but it's too far for me, but okay once in awhile. If I lived on that side of town, it would definitely be my hot spot.

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