Monday, December 7, 2009

Straits in City Center

My friend Nikki works as a chef at Straits, which is an asian fusion restaurant from San Francisco, I think. I've heard from a couple of people say the food isn't good. For my birthday, Nikki took me to Straits, she ordered the Tuna Tower, Ahi Jewels, Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Wasabi Aioli, Wonton Chips $15, which I thought was pretty yum. She also ordered the Grilled Grape Leaf Beef Butter Lettuce Wrap, Sweet Chili Vinaigrette $10, pretty good. Roti Prata Crisp griddled Indian Flatbread, Curry Dip $7 was so good, I devoured it!

For my main meal I had the "Spicy Basil Chicken Tender Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots, Thai Basil $12". This I did not like. It had that, sorry folks, strong chinese flavor. Nikki said it was the "Singapore" flavor in the dish that I probably didn't like. I looked it up, it didn't say anything about "Singapore", so whatever it was in that dish, I didn't like it.

For dessert, they brought out a ginger cake which was eh, a bit dry and lack luster. But, the server did sing me happy birthday, unashamedly, which I thought was cute. Nikki ordered the "Chocolate Lava Cake house-made vanilla ice cream, Thai tea caramel". I've had lava cake that looks similar, but this was actually pretty darn good, so chocolately and tasty...we devoured it too :)

The front manager came by, was told it was my birthday and brought out 3 shots, which I didn't drink. I don't do shots, Nikki and Mel weren't complaining as they polished it off for me.

It's big, modern, and "fahncy" design. Has a bar on one side, that seems pretty popular with the hip folk, and a white, subway tiled, unisex bathroom with pink neon lights...that's different. It's outside my neighborhood, but I'd probably go back for a special occasion. Sorry no food pictures, I forgot. We did manage to take one photo right outside the restaurant near the perty lights on trees. The guy that took the photo obviously does not know how to take a photo.

I forgot to mention, I had breakfast tacos at Tiny's with Jenny on snow day, black bean and cheese and it was super yummy, I went back for seconds! But the second time, the tortilla wasn't as heated, it was hard and not ask gooey. Forgot to take pictures again, must pay better attention.

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